Orange County Red-necked Grebes, 4/12/16

~Two RED-NECKED GREBES  and a Tree Swallow doing a flyby at Wickham Lake, 4/12/16.~ 

QUICK POST: I was pretty excited today at work, when I received word from Rob Stone that he had located two RED-NECKED GREBES at Wickham Lake. A little later on, Karen Miller reported that there was a Horned Grebe and a Common Loon also present. I went for the birds after work, meeting up with Maria Loukeris and Linda Scrima. They had already located the 3 grebes but the loon was nowhere to be seen. We got excellent scope views of the Red-necked Grebes and took distant photos. The Horned Grebe was a bit further out and I didn’t even try for photos. The RNGRs were just beautiful to see and they made my day for sure.

~On our way out, we ran into this Gray Ghost and I managed one halfway decent shot. Northern Harrier at Wickham Woodlands Town Park, 4/12/16.~ 

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