A Couple More Orange County Birds

~Female Bobolink at Knapp’s View in Chester, NY 6/29/15.~

Recently, I was looking over my 2015 list of Orange County birds and noticed it was lacking a couple of birds that figured I would have seen in the county before now – Bobolink and Eastern Meadowlark. With that in mind, Monday after work I headed over to Knapp’s View in the town of Chester, a spot where I have never birded but heard both birds could be seen. I did very well with Bobolinks, with plenty being seen and they were close enough for some decent photos. I walked the mowed trails, but did not have any luck with Eastern Meadowlarks, so I decided to head Upper Wisner Road in Warwick where I’ve seen them in the past. Not long after my arrival, as I scanned I found a single meadowlark perched in the distance. Too far for photos, but still nice to get the bird. Before leaving, I had a nice photo opportunity with a Northern Mockingbird, a bird that I have not photographed in quite some time.

~And a male Bobolink strikes a pose with some nice colors in the background. Knapp’s View 6/29/15.~
~Northern Mockingbird off Upper Wisner Road in Warwick, NY 6/29/15. Barbed wire is one of the man-made elements that I don’t mind in a bird photo for some reason.~
~Northern Mockingbird taking off, Upper Wisner Road in Warwick NY, 6/29/15.~

2 thoughts on “A Couple More Orange County Birds”

  1. Matt
    The Mockingbird is just gorgeous. The berries really set the composition off with the green.
    I agree, the barbed wire is fine in this image.


    1. Thanks Wilma. I remember getting photos of birds on barbed wire in Colorado a few years back and it never bothered me. Matt

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