~Blue Grosbeak at Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge, 6/23/15.~

QUICK POST: Yesterday evening I finally caught up with the Blue Grosbeak that was reported out at Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge (it was my third try in two days). Tonight I went back and managed to get some post-able photos of the bird (I was brain dead last night and blew a pretty good opportunity by not having my camera on the right settings). I’ve included a couple additional shots that I took along the way while out at the refuge.

~BLGR with a Song Sparrow, Wallkill River NWR, 6/23/15.~
~Red-winged Blackbird in flight, Walkill River NWR, 6/22/15.~
~Another bird I haven’t photographed in a while – American Goldfinch at Wallkill River NWR, 6/22/25.~

8 thoughts on “Orange County BLUE GROSBEAK”

  1. So great that you got to see the Grosbeak, Matt.

    You manage to get on the right side of the light so much of the time!!
    Nice job.
    I got 12-15 life birds while I was in Colorado. I’m still sorting through the shots and have posted some but have more to do.


    1. Wilma – I waited a while for that bird to move on the side of the trail with good light, it was silhouetted most of the time! Congrats on the life birds in Colorado, I remember I got a good number during our trip out there a couple years ago. Matt

  2. Glad you got to see it Matt, they’re great birds and we are fortunate enough to get them every so often. Nice shots.

    1. Thanks John, it was great to see the bird and particularly to get to know its song a little bit. Matt

  3. Awsome. My wife and i saw two Baltimore Orioles, male and female in our back garden in New windsor NY 6/26/2015.

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