Sunday Shots – 2/22/15


~A nice look at a Short-eared Owl on a perch on the side of the road. I was starting to think all the SEOWs in the black dirt had perhaps moved on with the extended cold snap and repeated snow events we’ve been having. SEOW in the Black Dirt Region, 2/22/14.~ 

I don’t have much to say tonight – I ran around the black dirt today, just trying to get some photos. The weather was much more accommodating, with temperatures creeping up into the low 40’s; a huge change from what we’ve been having lately. Birds were still on the scarce side, but I got lucky with some Snow Buntings and of course finding a Short-eared Owl on the side of the road never hurts. 

~A Snow Bunting takes a bath, Black Dirt Region, 2/22/15.~
~Snow Bunting stealing the show in the black dirt, 2/22/15.~
~Snow Bunting, Black Dirt Region, 2/22/15.~
~Snow Bunting and Horned Lark in the black dirt, 2/22/15.~
~Adult Cooper’s Hawk in Goshen, NY 2/22/15.~


4 thoughts on “Sunday Shots – 2/22/15”

  1. Really great bunting shots, Matt
    I need to get down there again so I can try again.
    Maybe wed…..gymnastics day again and I’m off.


  2. Very nice! I’ve never had a bunting on a sunny day, so it was great to see how the light really livens the whites in the plumage. And nice capture of the “ears”.

    1. Thanks Marianne, I was happy to have the buntings in good light. Still a hard bird to get the catch light in for some reason. Hope to see you soon, Matt

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