2/18/15 – Gyrfalcon Continues

~Gyrfalcon in flight, Wallkill NY, 2/18/15.~

I finally caught up with the Ulster County Gyrfalcon again this evening. I got really good looks at the bird as it perched in an evergreen briefly on Bates Lane before heading in the direction of Old Fort Road. This is just a super bird that I feel very fortunate to be able to see at all, nevertheless so close to home. The down side is that photos were a bit tough – by the time I saw the bird, the gorgeous afternoon light was gone. It had clouded over a bit as it was getting late, pushing 4:30. Regardless, my day was made!

On my way home, I went to Lippencott Road to look for waterfowl. During a brief visit, I saw: Common Goldeneye (8), American Black Duck (5), Common Merganser (6), Hooded Merganser (2), Canada Goose (45), and Mallard (10). I also had a Cooper’s Hawk on my way over and an adult Bald Eagle perched on the ice in the river.

As a side note, I was happy to see that the number of birders out for the Gyrfalcon appeared to be down a little bit this evening (which may have been simply because it was so late in the day). If you go for this bird, PLEASE be courteous and aware of the locals. I have gotten some feedback that indicates that Gyrfalcon Circus might be wearing thin for some folks, so I think it would be helpful if everyone put there best foot forward while enjoying this fabulous bird.

~The incredible Gyrfalcon perched, Wallkill NY, 2/18/15.~
~The incredible Gyrfalcon perched, Wallkill NY, 2/18/15.~

4 thoughts on “2/18/15 – Gyrfalcon Continues”

    1. Thanks Wilma, to be honest I was disappointed. The light was so nice on my ride up there but quickly disappeared. I guess that’s just how it goes sometimes. Take care.

  1. Hey Matt,
    Really glad I signed up for your blog and in addition to the wonderful photos, I love getting the updates! Love the 2/18/15 Gryfalcon in flight photo! What a bird!! I’m glad you mentioned about being respectful of the locals. I’ve already heard about some disturbing reports and I’d hate to see the great relationship our local birding community has had with folks here be ruined by a few thoughtless (or should I say clueless) visitors to the area.

    1. Scotty,
      Hopefully there won’t be any big problems by the time this bird leaves the area and that relationship will not be effected. I’ve noticed folks posting a similar sentiment in other places, so hopefully birders and photographers will take it to heart. I’m glad you are enjoying and finding the blog useful – that’s what I’m striving for. See you out there. Matt

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