Green Herons in Goshen – Shapeshifters?

Monday afternoon I sat hidden in the bushes by the pond near my house in Goshen, NY for over two hours. I know, strange behavior. Well actually, I was watching and photographing two Green Herons that were spending their afternoon there. The herons spent their time grooming, hunting, and just sitting. It was fascinating to see how these  birds can take on a variety of shapes and sizes depending on their behavior.

*Click on photos to enlarge*


3 thoughts on “Green Herons in Goshen – Shapeshifters?”

  1. These are amazing pictures, Matt. In one the bird looks very blue, in others, gray. I especially like the one of the bird taking off with his feet hanging down. I can really see all of the different colors in the feathers. Such an interesting bird. Great job there Matt Geo!!

  2. These pics are great Matt and right here in our neighborhood! The first one is my favorite. I love the yellow flower picking up the color in his eye.

  3. Thanks so much! You know how much I love the Green Herons! I saw one at the pond again today, I hope they stay put.

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