Tufted Puffins

Matt and Tricia’s wedding trip to Maine also includes a trip to see the Atlantic Puffins.  So in honor of their wedding, I am sharing the Tufted Puffins that I saw in Washington State.  I hope this posts brings them luck in their quest to see Puffins and all the best for a happy marriage.

These birds seemed to appear on the water out of the morning fog.  I decided to keep the fog in some of the pictures just because it’s reminiscent of it rolling across the bay in a way that was almost eerie. The first Puffin caught a small fish for breakfast  These birds were definitely the highlight of the day!

– Karen C Miller

DSC01576 DSC01595_crop DSC01607

4 thoughts on “Tufted Puffins”

  1. Karen,
    These shots are gorgeous. What a fabulous bird! Great post thanks so much.

    Sadly, our puffin excursion had to be cancelled due to a small craft advisory that is in effect for tomorrow. We may try another day- at another location further south, but we shall see. Best bird so far has been Piping Plovers in Ogunquit.


    1. Piping Plovers are great little birds … they get a lot of special treatment! Relax and have a good time … the birds will come.
      – Karen

  2. Karen
    I really like these shots. I’ve been watching the puffins on explore.org and I think your shots show them better than what I have caught on there so far.

    Thank you

    Can’t wait to see what you bring home for shots in two weeks, Matt.


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