3/19/14 – Snow Geese Land in Orange County

IMG_0976Just before noon today, Rob Stone called to let me know he had approximately 2000 Snow Geese at the Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge, just across the road from the Liberty Loop. By the time I got out of work after 3:00, the birds had moved on. I got in touch with Curt McDermott and John Haas who were hot on the trail of the birds. They had relocated the flock (which had grown to 8,000 birds), but the birds lifted up once again. The flock had split into two groups and I followed Curt and John in my car as we (they!) relocated the larger of the two groups out in the Black Dirt Region. The three of us agreed that there were perhaps 5,000 Snow Geese in the group. We spent probably over two hours looking for a Ross’s Goose among them without success. With any luck the birds will stick around long enough and someone will find a Ross’s.



7 thoughts on “3/19/14 – Snow Geese Land in Orange County”

  1. Yes, it is quite a sight! And sound! I took some good photos and a video. I will try to share them.

    1. It’s really something, Jeff, no doubt about it. I’m wondering how you ended up looking at a post from 2014? I’m going to go back and look at it myself, it’s been a good long while now! Matt

      1. I googled snow geese Walkill river, to see if others had seen them too. Several times going back and forth to Vernon I had see them, but first pictures I took.

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