Yellow-crowned Night-heron in Orange County

Yellow-crowned Night Heron, found by Bruce Nott at ...8/21/13.
Yellow-crowned Night-heron, found by Bruce Nott at Masterson Memorial Park, 8/21/13.

I just barely made it. I received a couple phone calls during the day, one from John Haas and then another from Curt McDermott, letting me know that Bruce Nott had found a YELLOW-CROWNED NIGHT-HERON at Masterson Memorial Park in New Windsor NY. I was told that this is only the second recorded observation of this bird in Orange County! I arrived at the park a couple minutes before 4:00 and as I pulled in a park employee informed me that the park was closing. I jumped out of my car without really saying proper hellos to John, Bruce and Ken McDermott who were all there observing the bird. Bruce got me on the bird in my scope and I was happy that I didn’t miss it. Bruce then chatted with the park employee long enough for me to click a few photos. On my way out I noticed that you could still see the bird from the road. Not only that, it was definitely closer than where we were before. I parked my car up the street, walked back and took a bunch photos from the roadside. I am not thrilled with the results, but I did manage few decent shots.  The bird was still quite distant, so all of these photos are heavily cropped. Huge thanks to John, Curt, and, of course Bruce – what a bird!






2 thoughts on “Yellow-crowned Night-heron in Orange County”

  1. I think your shots are pretty good Matt, I’m always happy if they are identifying. Yours are much better than that.

    1. Thanks John. I sometimes try to post several photos so that I have some that are more for identifying and others that I just like the way they look.

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