Skinner Lane Plover…Continued

Probable Black-bellied Plover at Skinner Lane, 8/14/13.
I now believe this bird is likely to be a Black-bellied Plover. Skinner Lane, 8/14/13. 

I spent the day thinking about my ID of this bird, so I made it back out to Skinner Lane tonight to try and get a second look. Luckily, the bird was present. I watched the bird in my scope for a long while when finally all the shorebirds lifted up. This gave me a chance to bird in flight – revealing black armpits. This leads me to believe the proper ID of this bird is likely a Black-bellied Plover. I feel very fortunate that this bird stuck around so I could get another look and hopefully get it right. This has been yet another learning experience on the road to hopefully becoming the birder I aspire to be.


2 thoughts on “Skinner Lane Plover…Continued”

  1. Matt,
    Well done. You should already be pleased with your skills as a birder, they are very good! As you know, I didn’t get this one right initially either. Glad you had a chance to see it again. John Haas

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