Getting Lucky with Uppies, 08/18/23

It’s been the summer of the Upland Sandpiper for me. Tonight I was birding in the black dirt and an Uppy ran right across the road in front of my car! I’d inadvertently flushed the bird from the long grasses on the roadside. It flew into the field to my right and then made its way across the field and then flew to the neighboring field. I put the word out and Karen Miller and I enjoyed my best Upland Sandpiper looks of the year. The bird eventually disappeared into a tall grassy area, so we decided to move on. I got back to my car and a second Upland Sandpiper flew across the road! It was an excellent evening of birding. All photos taken in the Black Dirt Region, 08/18/23.

11 thoughts on “Getting Lucky with Uppies, 08/18/23”

  1. THAT is indeed your bird! Excellent photos and nice documentation on what has become a very hard bird to find.

  2. What a beautiful bird!! Your last shot is my favorite. Loved birding with you tonight. Thanks and congrats on getting you favorite bird!!

    1. It was great to see you tonight, Karen. I’m glad the first bird was so cooperative and we got such great looks at it. Matt

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