Sunday Shots, 08/13/23

After work on Friday I followed up on a report by Diane Bliss of several Purple Martins at Wickham Lake. Fortunately the birds were still present when I arrived, so I was able to take some photos and add them to my 2023 county list. Afterwards I sent to Wisner Road to try for the Sedge Wren that Kyle Knapp located back on July 31st. I didn’t have any luck with the wren, but I went back first thing Saturday morning and heard the bird singing deep in one of the fields.

~Purple Martin at Wickham Lake, 08/11/23.~

Shorebirds were the main focus for me for the rest of the weekend, but unfortunately I was unable to add any new species to my fall migration list. The hotspot for me was the Camel Farm, where I had: Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs, Pectoral Sandpipers, Least Sandpipers, Killdeer, and Solitary Sandpipers. The black dirt was loaded with Killdeer and I had several sightings of Least Sandpipers and one Spotted Sandpiper. I saw reports of Upland Sandpiper in the rare bird report, but I didn’t have any luck with them. Anyways, here’s my images from the weekend, I hope you enjoy them.

~Eastern Kingbird at Wickham Lake, 08/11/23.~
~One of a number of Least Sandpipers in the black dirt, 08/13/23.~
~I saw this hawk from a distance and I knew I wanted to get a better look. Patience paid off and I was able to get a decent shot of this Red-tailed Hawk with some unusual and beautiful plumage. Black Dirt Region, 08/12/23.~
~Lesser Yellowlegs at the Camel Farm, 08/12/23.~
~I’m really digging the light and colors in these Eastern Kingbird photos. Wickham Lake 08/11/23.~
~One more shot of the Purple Martins at Wickham Lake, 08/11/23.~

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  1. Wow Matt, really great shots (as always, as David already said!). Hope you had fun! xo

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