NOHAs in the Snow, 03/11/23

I took the opportunity of a snowy morning to head out to the Shawngunk Grasslands National Wildlife Refuge. I did one of my favorite things; which I haven’t done in ages – I spent several hours in one of the refuge’s photo blinds. On a good day (like I had today), it’s hard to beat being in a blind. The birds have absolutely no idea you are there, so with just a little luck, close up flight photos are likely. I had an excellent morning; Northern Harriers were numerous and relatively cooperative.

14 thoughts on “NOHAs in the Snow, 03/11/23”

    1. I love them too Brian. I wish the gray ghost had been a little more cooperative this morning, but what can you do. Thanks for the kind words. Matt

  1. The Northern Harrier is the bird that kicked off my birding journey. I looked at the Mearns check list and I thought the Northern Harrier sounded cool. I said to Ken “okay where can I find a Harrier” he told me I was probably one week late and took me to the grasslands to search the next day. He was right I was one week late and had to wait eight months to get my first target bird.

    1. I can see how NOHA would be the bird that got you started. I was initially really into raptors in general and I always had a soft spot for harriers. I’m betting it was worth the wait for you. Matt

  2. Super shots. Do not know if I will get up there again before they leave. My car is in the shop for about a week

    1. Yeah, I do too. This was a case where the pics definitely exceeded my expectations. The light didn’t seem good at all, but sometimes it just works out. Matt

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