Christmas Gulling

Christmas Eve morning Kyle Knapp found a single Bonaparte’s Gull on Wickham Lake. I was birding in the black dirt, so I ran over to try for the bird. The bird was still present and was obliging enough to do a relatively close fly-by. There was a good number of gulls on the lake, maybe 3 dozen or so. Nearly a dozen were Herring Gulls, which is a lot for that location. There rest were the expected Ring-billed Gulls.

~Bonaparte’s Gull at Wickham Lake, Christmas Eve 2022.~

Today I arrived back in Orange County after spending the holidays on Long Island with my family. I went to Newburgh Waterfront – it was a beautiful night with great light and it wasn’t nearly as cold as it’s been recently. It was mostly the usual 3 species (Herring, Great Black-backed, and Ring-billed), but I also located a single Young Iceland Gull; always a favorite. I enjoyed a pleasant evening of gulling and it was disappointing when the sun started setting.

~Iceland Gull in flight over the Hudson River at Newburgh Waterfront, 12/26/22. Look at that beautiful wing!~
~Herring Gull coming right at me; Newburgh Waterfront 12/26/22.~
~All for one scrap of bread! Gull melee at the Newburgh Waterfront, 12/26/22.~
~Herring Gull and Canada Goose at the Newburgh Waterfront, 12/26/22.~

2 thoughts on “Christmas Gulling”

  1. Great pictures, Matt. No holiday nor dipping temperature could stop you! Because of the angle of the shot, that thin-looking wing span doesn’t look like it can support the robust body of the herring gull. To think that the wing span can unfurl to 50+ inches…! I’m not a birder; I just look at pictures, unaware of parameters.

    1. I always enjoy your perspective, Norma, thanks so much for checking in. And you are a birder, even if it’s mostly by photos! Matt

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