Short-eared Owls 4-5-13

I hit the Shawangunk Grasslands Friday evening and sat in one of the blinds for a few hours. I finally got lucky with the Short-eared Owls. It is always such a rush to shoot these birds, especially when they come up right before sunset and the light is changing very quickly. I was happy to get one more chance to get some SEOW photos this year.

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One thought on “Short-eared Owls 4-5-13”

  1. Your pictures are great! Thank you for sharing. It is wonderful to see the establishment of the grassland birds again in our part of the country. It is in my plans to come to the n.w.r. with the hopes of photographing Short-eared owl, Harrier, Rough Legged Hawk and whatever might come before my lens. i will be coming from Pennsylvania. How many blinds are there and which affords the best chances of seeing and photographing the mentioned target species. Any directions or help would be super appreciated. Again thanx so much for posting those incredible pictures. My name is John Murray 570 606 9794 is my phone number.

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