Orange County NORTHERN SHRIKE, 02/05/22

This morning I FINALLY caught up with a NORTHERN SHRIKE at Wickham Woodlands Park in Warwick. I say finally because I haven’t seen a Northern Shrike since 2019, and it’s not for lack of trying. Over the past couple of winters I’ve tried more times than I can count – going after reported birds in Liberty, Sullivan County, the Grasslands in Ulster County, and of course locally here in Orange County. Today’s bird is likely the same bird that Kathy Ashman reported this past October. Since then, I’d received several reports that the bird was still around, and I tried for the bird at least a dozen times this winter.


To say I was excited is definitely an understatement. But, that said, the encounter was entirely too brief; the bird darted behind some vegetation and I was never able to find it again. It would have been awesome to spend some time with the bird. One really cool thing about it, was that I found the bird by ear. I could hear it calling, and although I haven’t heard many Northern Shrikes before, I knew it had to be the bird. I followed the sound and sure enough.

2022 Yard Birds: (24) – I added Brown-headed Cowbird and Red-winged Blackbird since my last post.

2 thoughts on “Orange County NORTHERN SHRIKE, 02/05/22”

  1. I’m jealous, I live a short distance from the spot in Liberty where John Hass has seen the shrike and I STILL haven’t managed to see it and it’s been two winters now. But I am a birding novice so my inexperience is probably a lot of my problem. I keep looking though…..

    1. You’ve got to keep looking Barb! I tried several times for that bird in Liberty with absolutely no luck. I think if you stick with it, you’ll eventually catch up with that shrike. Matt

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