A Snowy Thanksgiving

Tricia and I traveled to the Jersey Shore early Thanksgiving morning to spend the holiday with her family there. I was able run to the beach to sneak in couple of hours of birding before the festivities began. I love birding at the beach in the winter, it’s such a pleasant experience, and I enjoyed many of the expected goodies. Highlights included Common and Red-throated Loons, Black Scoters, and loads of Brant. But the true highlight was when I happened upon a SNOWY OWL resting in the dunes. I shared my discovery with two non-birder women who were appropriately blown away by the view in my scope. What an awesome surprise; it’s been a while since I’ve seen one and this bird did not disappoint.

~Snowy Owl at the Jersey Shore, 11/24/21.~
~A closer crop of the Snowy Owl at the Jersey Shore, 11/24/21.~

18 thoughts on “A Snowy Thanksgiving”

  1. What a beautiful bird and what great shots! I’m touched that you captured the atmosphere of the bird peacefully basking in the cool breeze.

    1. Thanks Norma. My goal, which I achieved, was to take my shots and move on, leaving the bird just as I found it. Matt

  2. Beautiful, Matt! Appreciate “bird-in-habitat” images so much more and that you were able to view without an “owl mob scene” makes it even more special. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Deb I totally agree with what you are saying – it was a joy to enjoy the bird briefly and in peace before moving on. Matt

  3. Great to see the snowy owls back again. I was in the Tuckerton area on fri. And sat. Looking for western king bird. Missed by a hour on both days. Went to Brig yesterday and did get the harriers. Also missed the tufted duck in Morristown by 5 hours. Have seen it at least 3 times in the state however. Jose and I had 2 Sandhills at the Great Swamp this afternoon as well as a barred owl. I am assuming that the snowy was at the south end of LBI. You can appreciate your 500mm lens at this time

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