Sunday Shots, 10/24/21

I went out to the black dirt first thing this morning with American Pipits on my mind. I wasn’t disappointed; I saw many (hundreds) and I was able to get some decent photos in the early morning light. Sparrows were also abundant with Savannah and Song Sparrows being most abundant. I did see a couple of White-crowned Sparrow and caught a brief glimpse of a Vesper as well. In the afternoon I went back to Mt. Peter Hawkwatch and counted with official counter Will Test. It was pretty good flight while I was there with a decent flow of birds and good variety (Sharp-shinned, Red-tailed, Red-shouldered, Cooper’s, Northern Harrier, Bald Eagle, and Osprey). Interestingly, Turkey Vultures continued to move through; we counted 120+ while I was there.

~American Pipit in flight, black dirt 10/24/21.~

Earlier in the week I spent some time in my yard – it’s been pretty birdy recently. I added Blue-headed Vireo to my 2021 yard list and the vultures are roosting in large numbers, probably 50-60 birds, mostly Turkey but with a handful of Black Vultures too.

~American Pipit on the road in the Black Dirt Region, 10/24/21.~
~White-crowned Sparrow in the black dirt, 10/24/21.~
~Savannah Sparrow on a nice perch in the black dirt, 10/24/21.~
~I’ve never seen an American Pipit perch on vegetation before, but today I saw several doing this. BDR, 10/24/21.~
~Ruby-crowned Kinglet in the backyard, 10/21/21.~
~Turkey Vulture coming in to roost in our backyard, 10/21/21.~
~A more typical look at an American Pipit in the black dirt, 10/24/21.~
~Blackpoll Warblers are still sticking around. This one was in the black dirt this morning, 10/24/21.~
~Savannah Sparrow in the BDR 10/24/21.~

6 thoughts on “Sunday Shots, 10/24/21”

  1. WOW! Great shots…You see so much when you’re out there…Thank You for sharing. I’m sure I’ve seen an American Pipit out here in the black dirt, but never knew what I was looking at!

  2. Matt,

    That first Pipit shot is really sensational – – – world class to be more precise! Thanks for sharing all of them.

    1. Thanks so much Ken – believe it or not, but I’m pretty thrilled with it. I love pipits and to get a nice shot like that made my day. Matt

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