More Atlasing and a Photogenic Gray Catbird

I birded along the railroad tracks north of Sugarloaf again this morning – it’s turning out to be a very productive spot in my NYS Breeding Bird Atlas Priority Block (Warwick_CE). I confirmed (8) species this morning, (3) of which were new confirmations: Song Sparrow, House Finch, and Downy Woodpecker. Other highlights included watching a family of Barn Swallows during feeding time, and a rather charismatic Gray Catbird. I’ve actually always thought they were quite a photogenic species, I even included a shot of one in my top ten photos of the year back in 2016.

~Gray Catbird in Sugarloaf NY, 07/04/21.~
~Gray Catbird in Sugarloaf NY, 07/04/21.~
~Gray Catbird in Sugarloaf NY, 07/04/21.~
~Gray Catbird in Sugarloaf NY, 07/04/21.~
~A young Barn Swallow anticipating being fed by a parent…
~…and the parent doesn’t disappoint. Barn Swallow in Sugarloaf NY, 07/04/21.~
~A different Gray Catbird – this one is a newly fledged bird. Sugarloaf NY, 07/04/21.~

4 thoughts on “More Atlasing and a Photogenic Gray Catbird”

  1. That is a great spot – lots of diversity in migration and rarely anyone else there. Awesome photos as always!

    1. I’ve never birded it during migration – I was wondering about that today while I was there. Thanks for the kind words. Matt

      1. I live on the other side of Durland Hill. Rusty blackbirds reliable in spring, last year Virginia rails, Wilson’s snipe a few years back but I’d have to check the date (in the marsh closer to the hamlet). Warblers, kinglets, orioles, just a nice variety

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