Easter Sunday Shots, 04/04/21

Happy Easter to everyone that celebrates. It’s been a quiet one here; hopefully the last quiet holiday of this rotten pandemic. This week was mostly uneventful as far as the birding goes. I got out often, but without many exciting birds nor good photo ops. On Wednesday I went out to Lynch Avenue in the black dirt to chase the Wilson’s Snipe that had been reported by Bruce Nott and Linda Scrima. It was nice to get a shorebird in Orange County that wasn’t a Killdeer. Yesterday I only had the early morning to bird and today I got out all morning. I spent both morning checking lakes and the Hudson River, mostly for ducks but also on the off chance of a Bonaparte’s Gull or a Caspian Tern (no luck on either). I added Ruddy Duck to my OC list yesterday morning at Glenmere, and I added Lesser Scaup (Orange Lake) and Common Loon (Greenwood Lake) to it this morning. Anyways, here’s some shots from the week.

~Tooling around in the backyard earlier this week – Northern Cardinal.~
~Wilson’s Snipe in the black dirt, 04/02/21. I originally saw these birds on Wednesday, but went back for photos on Friday.~
~Roadside Red-shouldered Hawk on a wire, Goshen NY 04/04/21.~
~Northern Flicker at Wickham Lake, 04/03/21.~
~There have been loads of American Robins around recently, but none as interesting as this individual. Wickham Lake, 04/03/21.~

2 thoughts on “Easter Sunday Shots, 04/04/21”

    1. Angela – Linda contacted me directly, and Bruce posted his siting on the Mearns Bird Club app. You have to be a member of the bird club to be on the app, you can check out the website here:http://mearnsbirdclub.org.

      Additionally, I didn’t do it in this case, but I could have also seen their reports on eBird:https://ebird.org/home. There are lots of tools on the site that you can check out to find out about bird reports.

      If you have any questions regarding any of this, email me at orangebirdingdotcom@gmail.com and I’ll see what I can do to help you out. Matt

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