Sunday Shots, 03/07/21

I can remember, way back when, when I was just starting birding and I had just begun this blog (nearly 9 years ago now!), I always wanted to photograph male Hooded Mergansers. They are a fabulous looking bird, and while these days I’m not quite as enamored with them as I used to be, it was nice to happen upon one this morning at Greenwood Lake. The drake was accompanied by two females and I had some good timing and was able to get some decent shots.

~Male Hooded Merganser at Greenwood Lake, 03/07/21.~
~One of two female Hooded Mergs at Greenwood Lake, 03/07/21.~

10 thoughts on “Sunday Shots, 03/07/21”

  1. Love the shots, esp. of the male. The white spot shaped like clam shell, the ripples of the water – fabulous! May I post it on my FB site? Nature made up in the lower animal kingdom. ‘nough said!

  2. You might not be as enamored with them, but I have never seen one and am standing in your 9 year old shoes! Great photos, thanks for sharing your finds with us!

    1. Barb – I’m glad to have the opportunity to share; comments like yours and the others make it that much more rewarding. Matt

  3. Just FANTASTIC Matt!! You used the word decent. Love your humility. Your such a good guy. These photos are great! While everyone is admiring the male, I find the photo of the female to be equally special. I also noticed something on these photos that I have never noticed before. Cover most of the bird with your hands and just look at a small area around and including the eye. Looks amazingly grebe like don’t you think? Great job!

    1. Interesting take on it Curt, I can see what you’re saying. Thanks for the kind words, glad you like the pics. Matt

  4. Great Merg shots. Was up in the black dirt area mid afternoon yesterday looking for the Ferr. Hawk . No success. We got there late since my wife had her second COVID shot earlier in the afternoon. Did run into Linda Scrima on Onion however, Thanks for sharing these great photos.

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