Sunday Shots, 02/21/21

It wasn’t the most exciting Sunday morning, especially after getting so many birds so easily yesterday in Rye. I tooled around the black for while first thing, highlights included my first two Merlins of the year and a Lapland Longspur in very nice plumage. Afterwards, I headed to Beacon to try for gulls, but it was too early in the day and gull numbers were down and I only had the three expected species. Anyways, here’s a handful shots from the morning.

~Lapland Longspur showing off its namesake. Black Dirt Region, 02/21/21.~
~Merlin in the black dirt, 02/21/21.~
~LALO with a HOLA in the background, black dirt 02/21/21.~
~Horned Lark in the black dirt this morning, 02/21/21.~
~I never pass on an opportunity to shoot a Northern Mockingbird. Black dirt 02/21/21.~

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