Sunday Shots, 02/21/21

It wasn’t the most exciting Sunday morning, especially after getting so many birds so easily yesterday in Rye. I tooled around the black for while first thing, highlights included my first two Merlins of the year and a Lapland Longspur in very nice plumage. Afterwards, I headed to Beacon to try for gulls, but it was too early in the day and gull numbers were down and I only had the three expected species. Anyways, here’s a handful shots from the morning.

~Lapland Longspur showing off its namesake. Black Dirt Region, 02/21/21.~
~Merlin in the black dirt, 02/21/21.~
~LALO with a HOLA in the background, black dirt 02/21/21.~
~Horned Lark in the black dirt this morning, 02/21/21.~
~I never pass on an opportunity to shoot a Northern Mockingbird. Black dirt 02/21/21.~

4 thoughts on “Sunday Shots, 02/21/21”

  1. You had a good day. Jose a d I spent some time on Sat in the Black Dirt . Spent about 3 hrs on celery a d Onion looking for the Ferr. Hawk No success. Did have 7 raptor species however. We ran into Ken Mc dermott and he put us on to some Longspur near some metal silos on route 12. Had a dark rough leg on Oil City rd.

  2. Great shots! Not only in this post but in previous ones as well…
    I’m curious, what lens and setting are you using to get such great images? If you don’t mind divulging of course…

    1. Hi Kyle. I don’t mind at all – I’m shooting with the Canon 7d Mark II and the Canon 100-400 Mark II. And thanks for the kind words. Matt

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