Beechwoods Area, 01/02/21

I headed back up to Sullivan County this morning to try once again for the Northern Shrike that has been seen near Liberty, NY. My second target species was Common Redpoll which have also been reported recently in the same area. I spent the morning traveling the area and scanning for birds, but unfortunately came up empty on both counts. I was enjoying being in the area; it was a beautiful winter morning (sort of) and I was just happy to be out, so flipped open my copy of A Birding Guide to Sullivan County NY and followed the directions over to the Beechwoods Area, which is between Hortonville and Jeffersonville.

~Common Redpoll, Beechwoods Area 01/02/21.~

The Beechwoods Area proved to be more productive. Although most were the usuals, there were enough birds around to make it interesting. I had many Black-capped Chickadees, they were definitely the bird of the day. I also had six Bald Eagle sitings – I’m not sure how many individual birds but there were at least two that I saw at the same time. The bird of the day, however, was a single COMMON REDPOLL on Buddenhagen Road. I spent loads of time with the bird as it was very accommodating, but the light wasn’t in my favor so I was working for photos. Some days you just pick the right thing to do – by that I mean it’s really what you’re in the mood for. Today was one of those days for me.

~CORE at the Beechwoods Area, 01/02/21.~
~Bald Eagle, Beechwoods Area 01/02/21.~

4 thoughts on “Beechwoods Area, 01/02/21”

  1. I love birding in the Beechwoods, especially on a sunny day. I’m really getting to know the Redpolls … and I missed the shrike also. Still looking!

    1. Beechwoods is a great time. Hopefully one or both of us will catch up with that shrike someday soon… Matt

  2. Happy New Year
    Thanks for the year update. Spent my week off of school trying to get a few missing year birds . I added earred grebe, black headed gull, bullocks oriole, cackling goose, Iceland gull, and pink footed goose. Ended the year with a count of 273 which is not bad since I am still working full time. 2021 has started. Did get a few good birds the first few days including Redpoll, Redhead, And short earred owl. May just try to concentrate on my photography this year

    1. Wow, you really made the best of that week! 273 working full time sounds good to me. I usually pay attention mostly to the county, and I ended the year with 225 in OC. You are off to a good start; it’s hard to figure out what to focus on some years – I don’t have any plan yet for 2021. Happy New Year. Matt

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