It’s amazing how sometimes things just work out. Today Bruce Nott located a BARNACLE GOOSE at the Camel Farm. He reported it in the early afternoon – right at my lunch time. I raced over and joined Bruce and Linda Scrima, who informed me that the bird had just taken a short flight and was out of view. John Haas arrived, and moments later the bird took flight again. I was able to get distant flight shots as it flew across the Camel Farm and put down again.

~Yes!!! BARNACLE GOOSE at the Camel Farm, 11/24/20.~

As we were observing the bird, it became clear that it was moving about with 4 other interesting looking geese. It was speculated that these were likely the same birds which have been reported around the northeast in recent years: One Barnacle Goose with 4 Barnacle x Cackling Goose hybrids.

I have to say that I was freaking out. I have waited SO long to get a Barnacle Goose in the county, it was just a fabulous looking bird, and it did not disappoint. It’s been absolutely ages since I was this excited to see a bird. The Barnacle Goose was my 264th Orange County life bird, and my 222nd bird in the county for 2020. I can’t thank Bruce enough!

~One Barnacle Goose in the lead, followed by 4 likely Barnacle x Cackling Goose hybrids. Camel Farm 11/24/20.~
~Like a sore thumb. BARG at the Camel Farm, 11/24/20.~

2 thoughts on “Orange County BARNACLE GOOSE!”

  1. Is Camel Farm publicly accessible? I see it’s a hot spot on ebird but I’m having a tough time finding it anywhere else. I love geese and really want to see a Barnacle Goose but it would be far for me to go if not allowed on the property.

    1. Ewing – sorry for the delayed response. Yes, Camel Farm is publicly accessible, but it’s not a great spot for viewing because you have to view from the road. There is a pull off on William Lane Road, but it’s not always a good spot for viewing. Good luck if you go. Matt

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