A Good Morning, 05/16/20

I can’t imagine many other birders feel this way, but warblers stress me out. Every spring I worry that I’m not going to be at the right place, on the right day, at the right time, and poof all the migrating warblers will be gone. It’s never happened, I always get my share, but this is what I do. Fortunately, today I was in the right place at the right time. After a relatively uneventful visit to Pochuck Mountain early this morning, I headed to Laurel Grove Cemetery, where I met up with Linda Scrima.

~We had at least half a dozen Bay-breasted Warblers at Laurel Grove this morning. They spent most of their time in the shadows, but I caught this one in good light.~

In spite of our late(ish) arrival, the place was hopping. And the birds lingered into the late morning, an unusual occurence at this location. We had a total of 13 species of warbler, highlighted by several Cape May Warblers, at least six Bay-breasted Warblers, a couple of Blackburnian Warblers, at least a couple of Magnolia Warblers, and a single Canada Warbler. Other good birds included Blue-headed Vireo, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Least Flycatchers (2), and I got my first Eastern Kingbird of the year. We had a total of 42 species for the morning, and some decent photos to boot.

~Cape May Warbler at LGC, 05/16/20.~
~This was probably my favorite bird of the day: Canada Warbler at LGC, 05/16/20.~
~Not as flashy as the male, but still pretty in her own way, female Cape May Warbler at LGC 05/16/20.~
~American Robin amongst the headstones at LGC, 05/16/20.~
~Cape May Warbler at Laurel Grove Cemetery, 05/16/20.~
~Magnolia Warbler at Laurel Grove Cemetery, 05/16/20.~
~The disappointment of the day – in spite of ample opportunity, this is the best shot I got of a Blackburnian Warbler. So many blurry shots! Maybe next time.~

11 thoughts on “A Good Morning, 05/16/20”

  1. Matt,

    What a wonderful collection of great shots of some beautiful Warblers! Thanks for sharing them for all to enjoy. Your going to Laurel Grove was the first that I had heard covered this year. I thought that something had happened and birders had abandoned it.

    1. Thanks so much Ken. I think that Laurel Grove is very hit or miss, so maybe it hasn’t been all that busy this year up until now? Matt

  2. You had a great day. I had one of the slowest May days in years . Picked up a few birds at Barnegat Light.
    And only a few more at Bellplain state park and Doubl Trouble State park . You get those days but hopefully not too often

    1. Yeah, Bruce, it was a lot of fun. Sorry about your day, I had a day similar to it last night – a total and complete bust; it was very frustrating. Those are the types of days that don’t become blog posts!


  3. I have seen more Warblers this spring than ever! Blackburnian Warbler in my yard in Warwick! a lifer for me! At least you GOT a photo, the best I could do was a good if quick, look with the bins. Thank- you for the posts and the beautiful pictures!

    1. It’s been an interesting spring, Nancy. I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m working from home and seeing more, but we’ve had an awful lot of good birds in our yard. Not a Blackburnian though! Matt

  4. Beautiful shots of the jewels of Spring migration, Matt! The lighting in your photos really brings out their colors.

  5. Great shots Matt. Love the warbs! I always marvel how you seem to catch these songbirds in perfect light! Bash has been rocking too for last couple of days! In these tough times it’s such a joy to be out and about enjoying these beauties!


    1. Thanks Scotty. I’ve been reading your reports and John’s blog – sounds like the Bash is having quite a spring – congrats. I woke up this morning and it’s gray skies and I was thinking about how lucky yesterday was, excellent birds in great light. Matt

  6. A fine gallery of great shots of beautiful birds. Setting & composition are splendid. Always look forward to reading your posts.

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