Thanksgiving Weekend Wrap-up, 12/01/19

It was nice on this holiday weekend to have a little extra time to get out birding. I managed to squeeze a little bit of birding into each of the last 5 days, which was a nice change from my recent weeks, that’s for sure. I mostly birded locally, but I also made a brief visit to Sandy Hook early Friday morning. While I didn’t have any out-of-the-ordinary birds or see anything new, it was still good birding and just enjoyable to be out and about.

~It’s been a good while since I’d seen the leucistic Red-tailed Hawk in Warwick. On Black Friday I got lucky and caught up with this (mostly) white hawk.~
~I’m still hopeful that the Northern Shrike I located on Wisner Road is somewhere in that area. While trying for it, I photographed this Red-tailed Hawk on a nice perch, 11/27/19.~
~Unfortunately my time at Sandy Hook was brief. One of several Yellow-rumped Warblers I had there the day after Thanksgiving, 11/29/19.~
~Song Sparrow at Sandy Hook, 11/29/19.~
~My goodness there were a lot of Northern Mockingbirds at Sandy Hook. I’ve seen a lot of them in general lately; I still find them very photogenic. Sandy Hook, 11/29/19.~
~White-crowned Sparrow in the parking area at Liberty Marsh, 12/01/19.~
~The highlight of my Sunday – Orange County Great Horned Owl, 12/01/19.~

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Weekend Wrap-up, 12/01/19”

  1. Wow ! Great owl sighting -good for you . Always love reading about your sightings and seeing your pictures . I think my favorite from this post is the white-crowned sparrow . A fellow birder and I were just talking about how they remind me of cartoon super heroes -looking all tough and puffing out their chests like Superman … what can I say , I have a vivid imagination !

    1. That’s funny. And, this one actually has a little bit of a stern look; he/she is going to teach you a lesson! Always good to see an owl, it had been a little while for me. Matt

  2. Great shots. I was able to get the Pacific Slope flycatcher a few weeks ago. Only record photos since it was in heavy brush. Not sure if I will go down to Cape May to get the mountain bluebird

    1. Thanks Bruce. Congrats on the PS Flycatcher; my friends Linda and Maria got both of those birds this morning. Jersey always seems to have some good birds somewhere. Matt

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