Take it Off the List

Okay, so I don’t have an actual list, but there are certain birds that I put on my mental list of “birds I’ll never get a decent photograph of”. Golden Eagle, Northern Goshawk, and Ruffed Grouse are examples that spring to mind right off the bat. SORA was on that list until earlier today, when I finally got a decent opportunity to photograph this normally super-secretive bird.

14 thoughts on “Take it Off the List”

  1. Good for you, and for me! Certainly not sorry pictures. Almost always, I look up and read….

  2. How marvelous not only to see, but also to get such fabulous photographs of this beautiful bird! Congratulations, Matt.

  3. Great shots. I usually see my yearly Dora at the meadowlands. The view is generally a distant one. My birding has hit a near standstill the past few weeks. I have been out in the field but keep dipping out. In most cases I would miss a bird by a few hours or be given incorrect directions. This was the case with the white pelican , red phalarope , Kentucky warbler and curlew sandpiper. In birding things sometimes go in this direction. Would like to get up to Ironwood drive in a few weeks as well as to the grasslands in Ulster co.Have you heard whether the Henslows is at the grasslands this year?
    Did see a black fox at the Meadowlands

    1. I’ve been where you are right now – it’s strange how sometimes in birding things can go either way, you’re on a roll and getting great birds and photos or you’re getting nothing. For what it’s worth, I’ve heard that there have been no Henslow’s sightings at the Grasslands this year. Congrats on the black fox – I didn’t know such a thing existed. Matt

  4. I love your blog, not only for the fabulous photos, but for the comments and encouragement you get from friends far and wide.

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying it Mary. The comments and encouragement are what make doing the blog so worthwhile for me, so thanks for commenting! Matt

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