Here Comes Trouble…

I got a good look at several Ring-necked Ducks at Glenmere Lake just after sunrise this morning. Glenmere is not typically a good place for photographing waterfowl from the shore, especially first thing in the morning as the view generally looks southeast, creating a severely backlit situation if there is a clear sunrise. This morning, however, these Ring-necked Ducks were located in a little cove of sorts along the shore. I positioned myself behind a tree and shot them with the sun just off my left shoulder; it was nice surprise to get some decent shots with nice light.

2 thoughts on “Here Comes Trouble…”

  1. Always a great looking duck. Took a ride down to Brig this afternoon looking for the snowy ow that was there yesterday. Did not show today but got a distant view of a Barred. Also had a number of canvasbacks.

    1. Agreed, and nice to get a not-so-distant look today. Too bad about the snowy, but a Barred and some Canvasbacks is not too bad. Matt

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