Young Students Participate in Big Day

~Yellow Warbler on the nest, Bashakill WMA, photograph by Karen C Miller. ~


I spoke about needing young birders in my last post and am happy to tell you about an encounter I had this week. The children from one of the local Bruderhof communities were at the Basha Kill doing a Big Day of Birding, trying to find as many species as they can in one day. My guess is that this group consisted of about 15 kids ages 8 – 11 and five adults.  I first saw them on the road through the orchard and the children told me about the Wilson’s Warbler and other birds they had seen.  We met again on the Nature Trail where one young girl pointed out a nest occupied by a pair of Yellow Warblers.  I was impressed by her spotting ability.

~Lots of details to tend to! A Yellow Warbler tidies up the nest at the Bashakill. Photo by Karen C Miller.~

Thank you to this student for showing me where the nest was perched in a large rose bush so I could watch the birds and get a few pictures.  I expect that this group will give us a few adult birders in time.  They already have a great start on appreciating birds and observing nature.

~One last shot of the Yellow Warbler on the nest, Bashakill WMA, photo by Karen C Miller.~

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