Getting Lucky

~A pair of American Kestrels mating on a wire, Orange County NY, 02/2517.~

So, I bumped my head on Tuesday evening. I didn’t even hit it very hard (I’ve certainly hit it way harder), but I must have gotten it just right and I ended up giving myself a concussion. Which put me to some degree out of commission for  a few days. When Saturday afternoon rolled around, I was feeling a little bit better so I did some birding, mostly just driving around southern Orange County. As I drove around, I was getting the usuals but I was enjoying it very much just because I hadn’t been out much during the week. Then I happened to see two falcons flying together in the distance. Luckily there was a nice area to pull over, so I parked and watched as the two birds spent some time coming and going from the overhead wires and then, excitingly, the birds mated on a wire. How lucky can you get? American Kestrels mating right in front of me in perfect light. It was very cool to observe and I believe it is only my second time seeing AMKEs mating, the first time being a few years back at the Shawangunk Grasslands from one of the photo blinds.

~The male (left) is a bit puffed up and in the foreground so he looks almost the same size as the female, but to me, in the field the female was noticeably larger. Orange County American Kestrels, 02/25/17.~

10 thoughts on “Getting Lucky”

  1. Matt,
    Great shots! Sorry about your incident, you can’t be too careful, glad it wasn’t any worse. Take care of yourself! John

  2. Great photos of the Kestrels, Matt, and you’re right, the light is perfect. So sorry to hear you had a concussion. Take care of yourself and be gentle with your brain as it recovers.

  3. Great shots Matt.
    About 4 years ago I saw 4 pairs of birds mating and since then
    not even one pair.
    It is one of natures greatest activities to witness.


  4. Great shot, Matt. A classic case of being in the right place at the right time. Karma…good things happen to good people! Take care of yourself. See you in the spring.

    1. Thanks Dave, definitely right place, right time. As far as karma goes, what does it mean when you go through those long streaks with no birds at all, lol? I’ll take care of myself, see you out there. Matt

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