Black Dirt Snow Geese, 01/25/17

~Four Snow Geese fly directly overhead, black dirt 01/25/17.~

QUICK POST: I don’t care how many times I see them, I think I will always be amazed by large flocks of Snow Geese. Huge thanks to Linda Scrima, Rob Stone, Ken McDermott, and Bruce Nott for letting me know about the approximately 3,000 SNGOs they had in the black dirt today, and for their help getting me on them once I finally got out of work (late!). Although I missed the best parts of the show, I was still thrilled to watch the bulk of the flock as it took to the sky and headed north as I drove up, and to later join Ken in viewing another group of approximately 500 birds feeding in a field. The group included at least one adult Blue Morph, one young Blue Morph, and one adult SNGO that was tagged with a yellow tag around its neck. Not a bad Wednesday evening of birding!

~SNGOs in good form in the black dirt, 01/25/17.~
~Can you find the tagged goose? Snow Geese feeding in the black dirt, 01/25/17.~

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