Adirondacks 2020 Teaser

I just spent an amazing weekend in the Adirondacks; definitely my best to date. I spent some time kayaking with the Common Loons, as I always do (it’s one of my favorite things to do all year!), but this weekend was about so much more. I’m exhausted tonight, and it will likely take be a few days to go through and edit all the photos, so I will be posting sometime this week.

~Quick edit of a Common Loon with uncommon beauty at Follensby Clear Pond, Adirondacks 09/19/20.~

8 thoughts on “Adirondacks 2020 Teaser”

  1. yikes – if that’s any indication of what’s to come – please take your time – and post those pictures. that loon is just exquisite. can’t wait!

  2. It was such a beautiful weekend with good migration. I thought about you Saturday and knew you would be having a wonderful birding experience! So happy for you. Gorgeous Loon, of course!

    1. Thanks Karen. And yeah, it seemed like the local birding was good over the weekend, which I was sad to miss, but it was really good to get away and have an adventure. Matt

  3. Good that you could get away. My birding has stalled. Went after the Meadowlands wood sandpiper yesterday but missed it by an hour. Also had a half hour miss on my nemesis Conn. warbler at Sandy Hook. Birding must take a back seat since I am back teaching online. Great loon shot. See most of mine on the ocean.

    1. I’m glad to know that you have gotten the Wood Sandpiper since this comment – congrats. We all go through birding slumps and get snakebit once in a while, hopefully it’s passed for you.


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