Sunday Shots, 03/29/20

I’m trying to decide if there really isn’t much going on right now in the birding world, or if I’m just becoming a little jaded (which I certainly hope isn’t the case). While I enjoyed getting out this weekend, I just didn’t find much to get excited about. The rainy, gray weather didn’t help, I suppose. It wasn’t until late Sunday morning that I found some excitement, and it wasn’t bird related: I watched a pair of RIVER OTTERS feeding for approximately 20 minutes. They were distant, but in my scope I enjoyed some fantastic looks; they appeared to be dining on crawfish. Now that’s something to get excited about. Moving forward, I’m hoping that the birding picks up a little bit, or I can get out of this birding funk, whichever comes first.

~It’s funny because we have loads of deer in our backyard constantly, but out on the trail it seems different. White-tailed Deer at Goosepond Mountain State Park, 03/27/20.~
~The siting of the weekend – RIVER OTTER in New York State.~
~White-breasted Nuthatch at Goosepond Mountain State Park, 03/27/20.~
~There is a small pond in my neighborhood. Tricia and I were taking a walk and this dude was hanging out at the pond. Great Blue Heron in Goshen, NY 03/26/20.~

7 thoughts on “Sunday Shots, 03/29/20”

  1. Good to get out even for a few hours, Delivered some toilet paper to my daughter Kirsten and her husband Jose They are 35 miles from us and live near Moristown. Jose was with me when we met at Mt . Peter. On the way home we swung around to Garret Mtn.ehere I picked up a winter wren Went down to South Amboy today to try for the little hull . Saw one small suspect but it was a difficult I.d. since it was not in flight. Have seen them there as well as black/ headed. Also had a franklins there a few years ago
    In connection with our strange days communication let me recommend a good you tube video by Tony Evans . It is entitled “ Divine Dusruption”. Click on Sermon Only.
    May try to get down to South Amboy again after signing out from my online teaching. Also had my first Middlesex co. Red throated Loon today.

    1. I remember Jose from Mt. Pete; good that you could help them. I’ve yet to see a Little Gull, and it’s up on my list of birds I’d like to see. I’ll check out Tony Evans on Youtube. Good to hear from you as always.


  2. That Great Blue Heron moves around all over that pond. Saw him on top of a mound last week that had two Canadian Geese sitting on today. I guess they are sharing.

    1. I used to spend more time at that pond, but I haven’t in recent years. A few years back Green Herons bred there – that was fabulous. Hopefully they will return at some point. Thanks for checking in Dan. Matt

  3. It’s ok to be jaded from time to time as many of us must be feeling. It’s a temporary minor reaction to a serious global situation that has no hint of abatement. I trust that you devoted birders will continue to keep looking at those magnificent and awesome birds and other creatures and thank you for sharing such experience. What you do is a gift to yourself and to others.

    1. I agree Norma, I think it’s kind of a normal reaction in these grim days. But, as you said, I’ll keep getting out there and who knows when the next wonderful experience will happen. Good to hear from you. Matt

  4. Went down to South Amboy again late yesterday. No little gull but many Bonapartes. Had my first laughing gull for the year as well as horned grebe. On the way out I was surprised to get a piping plover. Very rare at this location and my first for my county list. Good photo opportunities.

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