12/29/19 – A Pretty Good Day

I’ve gotten out a good amount during the holiday break, but while I’ve enjoyed getting out, unfortunately most of my birding has been unremarkable. Today I finally got a couple of notable birds. The first was at Glenmere Lake, where I had a female Red-breasted Merganser swimming with a couple of Common Mergansers. I also had four Ruddy Ducks, which were nice to see, and I sorted through a good number of gulls (only Ring-billed and Herring Gulls present).

~Excellent bird to see any day in Orange County: Greater White-fronted Goose at Turtle Bay Road in the black dirt, 12/29/19.~

Just as I was getting ready to leave Greenwood Lake, I got a call from Linda Scrima; she had a GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE off Turtle Bay Road in the black dirt. Always a favorite, I ran for the bird. It’s been a good year for them in our area; I have four sitings in 2019. The bird stuck around and was close enough for some decent shots (least as far as rare geese in Orange County go). Huge thanks for Linda for locating and getting the word out.

~Red-breasted Merganser (left) with a Common Merganser, Greenwood Lake 12/29/19.~

On my way home, I drove by 6 1/2 Station Road Sanctuary. I could see a collection of gulls on the ice, so I stopped and got my scope out. I was surprised to find, along with 12 expected Ring-billed Gulls, 18 Herring Gulls. I don’t think I’ve ever come even close to that number at that location. It was a nice way to end a good day of birding.

~Red-tailed Hawk at Constitution Marsh Sanctuary, 12/27/19.~
~First winter Ring-billed Gull at Crawbuckie Park (just south of Croton Point Park), 12/27/19.~
~Ruddy Duck at Croton Point Park, 12/27/19.~
~White-throated Sparrow at Winding Waters Trail, Wallkill River NWR, 12/28/19.~

4 thoughts on “12/29/19 – A Pretty Good Day”

  1. Was up to the grasslands yesterday.never saw as many photographers there . About 50 cars were in the lot and on the road coming in had distant shorties and harriers.

    1. I’ve heard the horror stories and stayed away because of them. Actually I did go up once, but at sunrise (it was a bust). At least you got some birds. Matt

  2. I sense a theme of brown, black and white with a dash of orange for spice! Beautiful photos, Matt. Happy to hear you had a good day of birding.

    1. Ha, I guess it was an inadvertently well planned color scheme! I actually don’t usually look at posts in that light, but maybe I will moving forward. Thanks, Kathy! Matt

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