Sunday Shots, 12/15/19

I was back at Sterling Lake before sunrise this morning. And the funny thing is that Bruce Nott was there already, ha ha. We were happily surprised to see that the KING EIDER had remained on the lake. Rob Stone and John Haas both joined us a little after, to get better views and photos (last night in the rain and fog was tough!), and they weren’t disappointed. I took the opportunity to try and use my 1.4x extender, since the bird remained at a distance. I set it up on my scope tripod for some added stability; I think the results were decent but certainly not amazing. We also had a Winter Wren (nemesis!), so I finally got that bird for the year.

~KING EIDER at Sterling Forest State Park, 12/15/19. Super bird for the county.~
~I think this shot looks pretty good for ISO 5000. I cleaned it up a little, but still. Huge thanks to Bruce and John for getting me this Winter Wren. This bird hates me and would never let me get it on my own, ha ha. Sterling Forest State Park, 12/15/19.~
~As usual, when looking for a Northern Shrike, you know a Northern Mockingbird will be found. Kendridge Farm, 12/14/19.~
~One more shot of the KING EIDER, Sterling Lake 12/15/19.~

2 thoughts on “Sunday Shots, 12/15/19”

  1. EXCELLENT shots of that QUEEN Eider, Matt. What a spectacular bird. I’m glad that you were able to get such excellent quality photos of such an extremely rare bird for us here.

    1. It was a treat to see this bird today, Ken, and I was happy to have the opportunity to further document this beautiful bird. This weekend certainly did not turn out as I imagined; it was so much better. Good birding!

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