So everyone that I sent my photos to came back with the ID of KING EIDER, including Tom Burke (John forwarded to him). As I posted below, either bird would have been exciting, BUT, I was hoping for King Eider because it is a life bird for me (#421). It’s also my 259th bird in Orange County. I’m going to head back first thing tomorrow morning with the hopes that the bird is still present and I can maybe get some better looks and photos.

6 thoughts on “KING EIDER It Is!”

  1. Matt,
    Congratulations on your life bird! I can’t thank you enough for seeing to it that I heard about this bird! It was my Orange County bird # 278! And what a find in deed! I hope the bird remains on site tomorrow for many to see! Thanks again, John

    Also thanks to Maria Loukeris and the group of birders who initially found the Eider!

    1. Thanks so much John, and congrats on OC bird #278 (that’s a nice number!). I’d also like to echo your sentiments regarding Maria and the NJ birders, can’t thank them enough That’s a bird which could have easily been overlooked. Matt

  2. Great find and lifer. Do not have it for the year. Was able to get the mtn bluebird and black chinned a few weeks ago. I have had several drake riders in N.J. Over the years

    1. Yeah, we owe a lot to the folks that originally found it and reported it. Apparently the bird has moved on, as it was not reported today. Congrats on the Mountain Bluebird and the Black-chinned Hummingbird – excellent birds for our area for sure. Matt

  3. Struck out on both the barnacle goose and white fronted yesterday. Did however get 12 Sandhills in a field about 20 miles from home

    1. Barnacle Goose! It’s been way to long for me – probably 4 or 5 years since I’ve seen one. Hard to say no to a GWFG and nice to get the cranes so close to home. I somehow missed this when you first posted – sorry about that. Matt

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