Orange County Northern Shrike, 11/17/19

This morning at Wisner Road in Warwick, I located a NORTHERN SHRIKE. I was freaking out because this bird is among my all time favorites. That was the good news. The bad news is that the bird was not very cooperative. Within five minutes of finding it, the bird took off from its distant perch and flew north. I tracked it in my scope as it disappeared behind trees in the distance.

~Northern Shrike at Wisner Road in Warwick, NY 11/17/19.~

Rob Stone joined me to help relocate, and then Bruce Nott after him. We checked the areas north as well as the area where I first saw the bird for a good long while (I tried for the next three hours), but unfortunately we were unable to relocate it. Hopefully that bird is still around; I was thrilled to get it, but for me a lot of the joy gets zapped if no one else gets the bird. Time will tell, I guess.

~Field Sparrow, Warwick NY 11/17/19.~
~Bruce and I had 3 Bald Eagles while we were trying to relocate the shrike, 2 adults and one young bird. Wisner Road in Warwick 11/17/19.~

2 thoughts on “Orange County Northern Shrike, 11/17/19”

    1. I love the way you put that, Mary – a real goody any day. It’s a bird that all birders in our area seem to really get excited about. Matt

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