Hickok Brook Multi-use Area, 06/23/19

Since I have Ruffed Grouse on the brain this weekend, I headed out early this morning to the only other location where I’ve seen the bird: Hickok Brook Multiple Use Area in Sullivan County. I didn’t have any luck with RUGR, (I knew I’d have to get lucky to come across one), but I was happy to get back to a spot that I’d only been to one other time, two years ago. It was a sunny, cool morning with a little bit of a breeze blowing. I took a nice, long, comfortable walk; the trails are mostly wide open and flat which makes for some good birding conditions. It was a birdy morning and I had 35 species on my list, with most birds being heard and not seen. I remembered having a similar experience last time I was there, but really, to me it’s pretty normal for summertime birding. Highlights for me were mostly raptors, including my second Barred Owl of the weekend, this one was heard but not seen. I also had a pair of Red-shouldered Hawks calling and also a pair of Broad-winged Hawks – I heard them first and then watched one shoot through the woods in the distance. I know that I missed some birds out there today – it’s hard to bird by ear for me when I’m a little bit outside of Orange County as I’m not entirely sure which birds to expect. I decided to not worry about it too much and just enjoyed a nice walk in the woods.

~I felt a little snake-bit when it came to photos today; the birds were either not seen, in the dark, or completely backlit. This Scarlet Tanager was an exception, Hickok Brook Multi-use Area 06/23/19.~
~This was the first bird that I saw this morning, and it wasn’t camera shy in the least. Gray Catbird at Hickok Brook Multi-use Area, 06/23/19.~
~I was torn between my two best shots of this bird, so I decided to include both. Scarlet Tanager at Hickok Brook Multi-use Area, 06/23/19.~

4 thoughts on “Hickok Brook Multi-use Area, 06/23/19”

  1. Nice report, Matt. Now i’m Inspired to return….haven’t been there in several years. It is indeed a beautiful site.

    1. Thanks Dave, I think I’m going to try it again sometime soon – I’m obsessed with Ruffed Grouse right now. Matt

  2. Have not seen a ruffed grouse in New Jersey in over 30 years. In the 1970’s they were seen in south Jersey along the Garden State Parkway on a regular basis.
    Went back to Negri Naponte grasslands late yesterday afternoon and got a singing Henslows. My first New Jersey Henslows. Too far awY for any good photos but got. Few record shots.

    1. Congrats on the NJS Henslow’s, that’s a nice bird for sure. I think the fact that RUGR are so hard to come by is why I’m so obsessed with them…. Thanks for checking in. Matt

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