Back At It, 06/22/19

It’s been a little bit of a rough late spring for me – I’ve been going through a serious family issue and I am having some health problems. Between the two, my birding and blogging have been limited to the greatest extent since I started the blog in 2012. But, this morning I was finally able to get out. I made a long overdue trip to Black Rock Forrest in search of Ruffed Grouse. The good news is that I didn’t see any bears, and I also didn’t wipe out on the trail. The bad news is that I had no luck with my target species. It was still a nice hike; birdy with over 30 species seen or heard. The birds of the day was for sure the Ovenbird, with many being seen and heard throughout my hike. Highlights for me included catching a glimpse of a Barred Owl as I inadvertently flushed it as I walked the trail, getting my first Acadian Flycatcher of the year, and getting a nice photo op with a pair of Field Sparrows. It’s nice to be back at it.

~Field Sparrow at Black Rock Forrest, 06/22/19.~
~Ahhhh! It was really great to hear first and then see this Prairie Warbler at Black Rock Forrest, 06/22/19.~
~Here’s something you don’t see every day. This groundhog scrambled partially up a tree as I made my way up the trail past it. This was taken pretty early this morning, so there wasn’t much light, ISO = 16000! Black Rock Forrest, 06/22/19.~
~Ovenbird with a bill-full. I was a little disappointed – I had several opportunities to photograph Ovenbirds today but most came out blurry for some reason. Black Rock Forrest, 06/22/19.~

14 thoughts on “Back At It, 06/22/19”

  1. I hope you feel better! You are a vital part of the Birding community, your Blog and images are very educational. Happy Summer Birding 🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Patty. I’m getting better, it just will take a little time. Happy summer birding to you too. Matt

  2. I just this morning said to my husband that I hope Matt is ok because you hadn’t posted in awhile. Luckily we have learned so much from you about where to bird, and when, that we have been getting around and seeing good birds. Glad to know you are ok and able to get out again a bit. We really appreciate you!

    1. Ha, that’s quite a coincidence that I ended up posting today. Thanks so much Ronnie; it felt good to be out and to get back to normal life again. Hopefully this is the first of many summer birding posts. Matt

  3. Hope that you will be top top soon. Dipped out on a Henslows this afternoon . Was seen early this morning but not seen again after 11 . Had to go to Canada for a funeral last weekend Did pass the Iroquois Refuge near Lockport and saw the black terns.
    This past week I also had Saltmarsh Sp. and Blue Grossbeak

    1. Thanks Bruce. Always good to hear your latest birds – too bad about the Henslow’s, that’s some bad timing. Matt

  4. Glad you are feeling better Matt
    I hope all the family issues are resolved.
    They can be extremely taxing on us.
    Nice post.


  5. Matt,
    I’m very sorry to hear that there have been issues including your not feeling well. I do hope that all is levelling out and that your health issues have all been attended to and have healed. Best wishes for good health to return and to be reliable.

    1. Thanks so much Ken. Thankfully things are leveling out as you say, and I’m feeling optimistic moving forward. Matt

  6. I suspected there was something amiss when you had not posted. Your photographs make me smile and your blogs lead me to ‘search’. Oftentimes, a hurting spirit makes the body hurt more. I’m glad you’re up and about.

    1. It’s true what you are saying about a hurting spirit, Norma, in my opinion. As always, thanks for checking in. Matt

  7. Matt – So sorry to hear about the issues your facing. Life is a series of chapters – some good, some not so good. You just have to move forward and make good decisions. But no one’s immune. I just lost my dad a few days ago – so I can totally understand. Let’s both get through these tough days – and look forward to happier ones on the trails. Sending you best thoughts. Jeff

    1. Oh Jeff, I’m so sorry about your dad. We lost someone too – Tricia’s mom. It’s tough to say the least, but like you said, we are moving forward. Best thoughts right back at you, hope to see you out there some day soon. Matt

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