This is a really great story. Fellow Mearns Bird Club member Joyce Depew has an eight year old grandson named Ben. And, Ben has been into birds since he was 4 years old. Well, today, while Joyce and Ben were driving on Van Burenville Road in Middletown, from the back seat Ben told Joyce that he thought he saw a Green Heron in a pond in someone’s yard. Joyce pulled over and backed up to get a look, and what did she see? A YELLOW-CROWNED NIGHT-HERON! Can you imagine? According to Ken McDermott, this is only the third record of this species in Orange County, so it is quite a find! Nice job Ben and Joyce!

~Yellow-crowned Night-Heron with a fresh catch, Middletown NY 04/15/19. Photo by Linda Scrima.~

I ran for the bird after work and was happy to see that it was still present. I snapped some quick photos to document, but because it is a residential area, I didn’t want to linger too long. Linda Scrima was kind enough to provide a couple better shots from earlier in the day, where the bird is being more cooperative and not looking in the wrong direction.

~And down the hatch! YCNH in Middletown, NY 01/14/19. Photo by Linda Scrima.~
~Black-crowned Night-Heron looking the wrong way, lol. Middletown, NY 01/14/19.~

2 thoughts on “Wow, Orange County YELLOW-CROWNED NIGHT-HERON!”

    1. Dana – Yeah it is beautiful, and it’s especially nice to see it up here rather than in Florida or at the shore! I think that’s crayfish the bird is eating. Matt

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