Orange County CANVASBACK, 12/14/18

~Bad pic of a good bird. CANVASBACK at the Newburgh Waterfront, 12/14/18.~ 

On Thursday, Bruce Nott found a CANVASBACK at the Newburgh Waterfront. Fortunately the bird stuck around and I saw reports of it while at work on Friday. And even more fortunately, Friday was my work’s Christmas Party, so we got out early. I ran for the bird and it was still present – woohoo! Orange County life bird #254 and OC year bird #223! The bird spent most of it’s time tucked in, but finally, just as it was getting dark, a bunch of gulls made a raucous and the bird finally looked up and I was able to get some grain pics. It made me think – it was this time last year I was trying hard for Canvasback in OC because we had so many just downriver in Rockland County near my work. The bird appeared to be settling in for the night as I left – hopefully it will stick around for a little while so more folks get to see it.

~This was my view of the bird for 99% of my time at the Newburgh Waterfront.~

4 thoughts on “Orange County CANVASBACK, 12/14/18”

  1. Nice bird Matt.
    Too bad it was cloudy, better light
    would show how pretty they really are.
    I saw some in Colorado and they really stand out in the crowd.
    But, sometimes we have to just be satisfied we got to see them at all.
    Great shots!

    1. Yeah, Wilma, sometimes we have to just be happy to see the birds. Which I was, but I always want good pics too. Thanks. Matt

  2. Good find. Checked out a spot were evening Grossbeaks were seen yesterday but they were nowhere to be seen today. Would like to get them before year’s end

    1. I wish I could take credit for the find, but either way I was happy to see the bird. There were two reported at the same location this morning. Hope you get your grosbeaks – if you want them in NY, they were reported in Sullivan again today. I can get you details. Matt

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