Successful Birding in Sullivan County, 12/09/18

~A male EVENING GROSBEAK takes a break from the feeding platform. Woodard Road in Sullivan County NY 12/09/18.~ 

This morning I headed up to Sullivan County. All week John Haas and others had been reporting some really good birds in the Liberty area of SC.  I was especially ready for some good birding after a pretty disappointing Saturday birding locally in Orange County. The day was saved by a single bird – a PINE SISKIN at Linda Scrima’s feeding station – thanks so much Linda!

I connected early with John and he met me at Rayano’s feeder station, where I was able to briefly get on a single EVENING GROSBEAK. It was my lifer EVGR, so I was pretty pumped (#415). I snapped a few distant, documentary shots before the bird flushed. And then, while we waited hoping the bird would return, Karen Miller called John to report that she had COMMON REDPOLLS on Clements Road. We raced over (and when I say raced, I mean it – I didn’t know the way and I was trying to keep up with John, who was on a mission! Let’s just say I’m glad I recently got new tires.). Fortunately the birds were still present. We had great looks and I tried for pics but they were just a bit out of range for good ones.

~Female EVENING GROSBEAK on a nice perch, Sullivan County NY 12/09/18.~ 

Afterwards, I headed back to Rayano’s, hoping for a better look and maybe some photos of the grosbeaks. Karen joined me, as did a trio of birders from Rockland County as well as Ken McDermott and Lisa O’Gorman. We all waited for a good while and I was the first to leave. I figured I’d check the feeders at Woodard Road before heading back, and I’m glad I did. When I arrived there were nearly a dozen EVENING GROSBEAKS at the feeder station. I put out the word and then took photos. The whole crew from Rayano’s joined me, but unfortunately the birds flushed just as they pulled up. I couldn’t believe it! I waited a little while, but the birds did not seem like they were coming back any time soon so I left. Ken notified me later that 16 EVGRs showed up not too long after I left and everyone got them. Excellent day of birding!

~COMMON REDPOLLS! This is a sharp looking bird, in my opinion. Clements Road 12/09/18~ 
~CORE at Clements Road, 12/09/18.~ 
~Female Evening Grosbeak at Woodard Road, 12/09/18.~ 
~Male EVGR at Woodard Road, 12/09/18.~ 
~How about that!?! It was really excellent to see these birds today – hard to beat a life bird! EVENING GROSBEAKS at Woodard Road, 12/09/18.~ 

6 thoughts on “Successful Birding in Sullivan County, 12/09/18”

  1. Congrats Matt! I’ve been trying all week up there and just kept missing them! Probably the bad cold I got was chasing these buggers in the frigid weather. Today I was confined to the house just watching the feeders. Around 12:30 pm 6 COMMON REDPOLLS flew in and started feeding on the ground under the thistle feeders. These are the first Common Redpolls at our feeders since 2015. Here’s hoping we get bombed by them in big numbers like it was here in 2013! 5 minutes later an EVENING GROSBEAK flew in so that combined with the 2 PINE SISKINS here for most of the day gave us 3 winter finches at the feeder station. Sometimes it pays to stay home! Congrats on your LIFER #415!

    1. Wow Scotty, at least if you have to be sick, you did it right! What a day! Thanks so much, and I hope you feel better soon. Matt

  2. Looked for the Grossbeaks a week or so ago and was shutout. Back in the 1960’s we often had 30 at our feeders in central Jersey. Had Ash throated flycatcher yesterday in Mercer co. Also had an Iceland gull. Great shots as usual.

    1. Thanks so much. Iceland Gull is one of my favorite gulls that we get, I think I’ll try for gulls in Newburgh next weekend. I was happy to finally get the EVGRs, but I hope I get them in OC before the year is up. Matt

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