Red Fox in the Snow, 11/16/18

Since the times have changed, I have not taken my camera to and from work like I normally do. With it getting dark before I get out, it just isn’t worth dragging it back and forth. But, today I went in late because of the snow. As I made my way out the front door, the light was beautiful. And I had a hunch. So I played it smart and grabbed it, and it sure paid off when I saw a fox in a snow covered field not far from my work. As luck would have it, there was a good area to pull off and I was able to take some photos before continuing on to work. You never know where or when you’ll see something good!

8 thoughts on “Red Fox in the Snow, 11/16/18”

  1. Great shots! How far were you from the fox? We had foxes in our garden in (Dorset) England but I couldn’t get near enough to take pictures.

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