Orange County Little Blue Heron, 08/30/18

~LITTLE BLUE HERON at Stewart Forest State Park, 08/30/18.~ 

QUICK POST: After work today, I ran for the LITTLE BLUE HERON at Stewart Forest SP, that was located and reported by Bill Fiero earlier in the day.  I had an event to attend in the evening, so I made a quick pit stop for the LBHE (which was super cooperative – out in the open and close enough to get some decent shots). The bird was in the Maple Lane wetland, which is about 1/4 mile down from the Ridge Road North parking lot. Go left down the paved road and the wetland is on the right. Huge thanks to Bill for finding and reporting.

~Little Blue Heron at Stewart Forest, 08/30/18.~ 


4 thoughts on “Orange County Little Blue Heron, 08/30/18”

  1. Matt,
    I’m so glad this species has become an annual regular in our area over the last ten years! Nice shots! John

    1. Thanks John. It’s a nice looking bird to see anywhere, but when we get them in our area, it’s just awesome. Matt

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