More OC Shorebirding, 08/18/18

~Hmmmm, why are there no shorebirds around…. American Kestrel in the Black Dirt Region, 08/18/18.~

I made the rounds in the black dirt this morning, searching for shorebirds of course. I was once again optimistic after last night’s storms. The best spot of the day was Turtle Bay, where there were many shorebirds present. I ran into Kathy Ashman out there early and we sifted through some quite distant birds and had 5 species of shorebird: Least Sandpipers, Solitary Sandpiper, Lesser Yellowlegs, Pectoral Sandpipers, and Killdeer. I checked back a little later and ran into John Haas, who had located an additional, excellent species: SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHER. The bird of the day for me, however, was a single AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER out at Skinner Lane. The bird was close enough for some decent photos, and at one point was kind enough to confirm its identity with a nice wing stretch, exposing clear wing-pits. Kathy Ashman and Linda Scrima both ran for the bird and enjoyed good looks at the bird as well.

~Pretty bird. AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER at Skinner Lane, 08/18/18.~ 
~Streeeetch. American Golden-Plover, Skinner Lane 08/18/18.~ 
~Linda Scrima and I got a real kick out of seeing several young Horned Larks this morning. We had a  total of nearly a dozen HOLAs at Pine Island Turf Nursery.! 

6 thoughts on “More OC Shorebirding, 08/18/18”

  1. That was a pretty good shorebird day Matt! Its still early in the season and hopefully a lot more will show up. Thanks for posting to the app and keeping us all informed. John

  2. Hats off to you, devoted birders. While you slosh in rain and mud, I enjoy the birds of your labour. . . many thanks!

  3. Good to see you this morning, Matt. The American Golden Plover was a real treat and I enjoyed watching it. Thanks for letting us know. I ran for the Short-billed Dowitcher just before the deluge hit, and managed to get that one as well. An excellent day of shorebirding in the Black Dirt.

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