OC Sandhill Crane, 05/13/18

~SANDHILL CRANE at Wallkill River NWR, Liberty Lane 05/13/18.~ 

I was fortunate enough to run into Kent Warner at the Liberty Loop first thing this morning. He was on his way out, but he gave me the heads up that he’d heard a SANDHILL CRANE calling north of Oil City Road. I birded from the platform and then hit the west side of the loop, seeing and hearing mostly the usuals, although I did pick up my FOY Willow Flycatcher and Orchard Oriole. Of note was the absence of the Tundra Swan which had been present for just over a week. Then, I headed down Liberty Lane to try for the crane, and sure enough the bird was present feeding in the corn fields. I was happy to finally catch up with this bird – it had been reported in the last month by Linda Scrima, Rob Stone, as well as several others. It’s always excellent to see a SACR; it’s that much better when it’s in Orange County.  Later in the morning, Rick Hansen reported that the bird had flown over the Liberty Loop viewing platform.

~Ovenbird calling at Pochuck Mountain SP, 05/10/18.~ 

I birded a couple of other spots this morning. The Camel Farm had a good number of Least Sandpipers, Killdeer, and 2 SEMIPALMATED PLOVERS. At Pochuck Mountain the trail was quite birdy, but all the birds were WAY up at the treetops (with the exception of Ovenbirds). Best birds were a couple of Blackburnian Warblers, several Black-throated Green Warblers, and a handful of Northern Parulas.

~Wood Thrush in some nice evening light from earlier this week, 05/08/18.~ 
~Tundra Swan. This shot was taken at the Liberty Loop on Friday, 05/11/18. The bird was not present this morning.~ 

5 thoughts on “OC Sandhill Crane, 05/13/18”

  1. Great shots as usual. Was in Soth Jersey yesterday and picked up about 8 year birds- one of which was also a willow fly. Heard an Acadian but could not coach it out into view. The first few red knots are starting to come in at Reeds. Went up to Culver’s lake to see the lingering white winged scoter and later to Mahlon Dickerson state park to get the cerulean warbler. Still need to get up to Sterling Forrest for blue winged and golden winged

    1. Thanks Bruce. You get around, that’s for sure. There was a Yellow-throated Warbler reported at Sterling Forest on the NYS list serve today – I’m going to shoot over there after work tomorrow and check it out. Matt

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