~One of the 25 Red-throated Loons ventured close enough for a decent photo. Wickham Lake, 04/04/18.~ 

At first I thought it must be a joke. I really did. But, that’s not Rob’s style. The text read 25 RED-THROATED LOONS at Wickham Lake. Really? You’ve got to be kidding me. I was pessimistic about them sticking around until I got out of work, but somehow they did. I arrived just after 6 pm and I have to say that they did not disappoint. I enjoyed an amazing evening watching these beautiful birds make their way around the lake. They must have been quite comfortable since, with the high winds, the water was extremely rough. I was really curious to see what they would do as the sun started to set, and at 7:10, all but six of the RTLOs took flight. After several laps around the lake, gradually getting higher and higher, they departed, heading west-northwest. Shortly after, I headed out, leaving the lake to the remaining 6 Red-throated Loons. I wonder if they will spend the night?

~Red-throated Loons at Wickham Lake, 04/04/18.~ 
~Departing Red-throated Loons, Wickham Lake 04/04/18.~ 
~RTLOs in flight over Wickham Lake, 04/04/18.~ 

8 thoughts on “25 OC RED-THROATED LOONS!”

  1. So amazing! I love the shots of the Loons in the light of the sunset. It must have been hard to hold stead in that wind to take a photo.

    1. Kathy, by the time I finally got around to writing that post last night, I was exhausted. What I wrote doesn’t do the experience justice – it was definitely one of my top OC birding experiences. Matt

  2. Thanks Matt
    I saw your post while at work. So since I work at the hospital I ran up to the lake at 7a and was thrilled to see them still there. I counted 8 of them

  3. Beautiful photos Matt! I was just there about 20 minutes ago, and there was a group of 6 loons close together. A pair of cormorants (there were quite a few scattered around the lake) flew in and landed right among the loons.

    1. Oh, that’s excellent Michael. I heard they were still present today (4/6) too. I’m going to check on them in the morning. Matt

      1. Yes, they were still there. Stopped by after work again at 7 am. I counted 5 and had fun watching a pair of males buffleheads competing for a female.
        Also had a river otter swim along the edge keeping an eye on me.
        And no wind

        1. Now that sounds like a very pleasant morning. I’ve been on the lookout for the otters, but haven’t had any luck yet. Matt

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