Shorebird Report, 09/21/17

~A Pectoral Sandpiper checks things out. Citgo Pond, 09/21/17.~

I’ve been out checking for shorebirds as much as I can this week. For those of you who don’t know, I started a new job about a month ago. I’m really enjoying it and my stress levels are much lower, so the move has made me happy. The downside, however, is that I get out of work later in the evening, so it’s cutting into my birding time. Regardless, I’ve made it out to Citgo Pond three times this week and took a quick tour of the black dirt on another evening. Conditions at Citgo are excellent for shorebirds and I’ve had fairly decent numbers of what I would consider expected species. Tonight I had:

Killdeer 6                                                                                                     Lesser Yellowlegs 5                                                                                        Greater Yellowlegs 1                                                                                   Pectoral Sandpiper 7                                                                                     Least Sandpiper 3                                                                                       Wilson’s Snipe 1

Earlier in the week I had a single Semipalmated Sandpiper; I did not see it tonight. And up until yesterday, the Glossy Ibis that was first reported in late August by Bill Fiero continued, but I did not see the bird tonight and I suspect it finally moved on.

Last night I took a quick spin through the black dirt. I found plenty of Killdeer and was lucky enough to stumble upon 8 American Golden-Plovers. They made my night.

I would also like to mention that John Haas has had some good shorebirds in Sullivan County this week – check out his blog here for the latest.

~Wilson’s Snipe taking a stroll at Citgo Pond, 09/21/17.~
~Three of 8 American Golden-Plovers at Skinner’s Lane, 09/20/17.~


6 thoughts on “Shorebird Report, 09/21/17”

  1. Glad your getting out for some birding in the evening, and that your new job is going well for you. I too am pleased with the shorebirds we’ve been getting lately. From what I see is still around up state, we still could be in for some more! Also looks like we might get some Crossbills this winter since the finch report is out! Lets keep our fingers crossed!

      1. Missed the Snipe this morning, although Kathy said she saw it earlier. Love the many Pecs, Killdeer all over, a few Leasts, no Ibis.

        1. Yeah, the Pecs are really beautiful, love seeing them. I’m hoping something good may have moved in overnight. Thanks for the update. Matt

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