Common Nighthawk in Flight





After a spring where I didn’t see any in the county, I’ve been fortunate this fall when it comes to Common Nighthawks. I’ve had nearly a dozen sitings in Orange County, including two occasions when they flew right over our house in Goshen, NY. I was on my way home on September 4th in the evening, when I noticed this bird as it, and several others, hawked insects over the small ice cream stand on the corner of Matthews Street and West Main in Goshen. I pulled over and grabbed my camera. I was pretty excited since the birds were up early and I had good light. I enjoyed trying to track the birds as they flew erratically and hunted; it was certainly a nice end to the day.

2 thoughts on “Common Nighthawk in Flight”

  1. Great shot Matt
    I saw them in Colorado and they fly so crazy they are like bats changing in a split second. Following them was impossible for me at that time, but I loved watching them.


  2. Great photo! Every Sept. 4th (my birthday) for the last 3 years I keep an eye on the sky and have successfully spotted this unique bird. Thanks for sharing!

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