Mount Peter, 09/16/17

~An adult Bald Eagle flies over Mt. Peter Hawkwatch; it never gets old! 09/16/17. 

I had a great day today at Mt. Peter Hawkwatch. The birds were flying, at least to a certain extent, and I had a respectable 493 migrating raptors (448 of them were Broad-winged Hawks). I also had many visitors – it’s an exciting time of year at the hawkwatch, so there are plenty of folks coming an going: Joyce Depew, Kathy Ashman, Maria Loukeris, Linda Scrima, Rob and Anthony Stone, Denise Ferrel, Carol Linguanti, the Zahns, and Phil and Ann (who’s last name I don’t know but they are avid hawk watchers and yearly visitors to Mt. Pete) all spent time on the mountain today, scouring the skies for hawks. Here’s my report for the day:

~A kettle of Broad-wings streaming out. Mt. Peter Hawkwatch, 09/1617.~ 
~A young Bald Eagle flies over the valley. Mt. Peter Hawkwatch, 09/16/17.~ 


~Look at this! I was so excited when Denise Ferrel gave me mine! Thanks Denise, you have no idea how awesome this is to me! ~ 
~Later in the day, when things had quieted down a bit – Me, Phil, and Ann chilling on the platform. Mt. Peter Hawkwatch, 09/16/17. Photo by Carol Linguanti. ~ 

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